He pūnaha atawhai ki ngā kaitono tohu kairangi A support system for doctoral candidates

Wahapū is a comprehensive digital system for managing doctoral candidature. It will be used by doctoral candidates, supervisors, academic heads and all other parties involved in managing doctoral processes. Wahapū is currently being rolled out to an initial cohort of candidates and supervisors. All candidates under the current PhD Statute are eligible for access.

Read the PhD Statute.

Get Wahapū access

Want to use Wahapū to manage your PhD? Candidates on the 2016 or 2011 Statutes who wish to manage their PhD online using Wahapū can move to the current PhD Statute by submitting a PhD Statute Consent Form.

Wahapū benefits

Candidates using Wahapū get specific benefits from the new PhD Statute, such as the ability to invite additional attendees to their examination, but the biggest improvements are the streamlined processes, valuable functions and overall convenience that come with managing candidature online.

With Wahapū candidates can:

  • Track the streamlined examination process from start to finish
  • Make self-service requests for candidature changes (replacing the DOC6)
  • Find and record professional development and training opportunities
  • Record supervision meeting outcomes
  • Manage your performance against candidature milestones

Named doctorate candidates

Wahapū will be made available to candidates on named doctorates once the regulations for named doctorate programmes (e.g. EdD, DClinPsy, DocFA etc) have been updated to allow it.

What ‘Wahapū’ means

Wahapū means both ‘harbour’ and ‘articulateness’. ‘Harbour’ references our city's physical geography and the metaphorical space of preparation that is our University. It symbolises, in the words of Kaiarataki Michael Steedman “an ecosystem which supports, upskills, nourishes and re-energises its inhabitants ahead of more significant journeys into the moana.” The sense of ‘articulateness’ acknowledges the eloquence essential to describing the world of research, sharing that knowledge across cultures and borders, and speaking as leaders on global issues.

Learn to pronounce this kupu at Māori Dictionary.

Got questions?

Staff and doctoral candidates can find out more about Wahapū at Wahapū doctoral candidature management project.

For more information, or if you are a registered doctoral candidate unable to access the PhD Statute Consent Form, please contact doctoraladvice@auckland.ac.nz.