SGS Research Showcase 2020

Celebrating the research of doctoral candidates and research masters students from across our university.

The SGS Research Showcase will return in 2021.

Read the full story of the 2020 competition at Kaumātua kōrero, manta rays and birdsong take Showcase top spots.

Check out the full results at 2020 winners.

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Research Showcase 2020 brings together doctoral candidates and research masters students from across the university and celebrates their research. The event encourages our postgraduate researchers to creatively communicate their research and its impact on a broad audience.


Entries are now closed, but feel free to explore the Showcase categories via the links below:

Key dates

Why participate?

In addition to the possibility of winning prestige and prizes, the SGS Research Showcase is a unique opportunity for postgraduate researchers to:

  • broaden the impact of their research
  • enhance research communication skills
  • extend personal and professional networks
  • refine the art of poster design
  • express their creativity
  • build their CV
  • have fun!


The SGS Research Showcase is open to University of Auckland research postgraduates who remain enrolled throughout the competition. If you are a research masters (90 points or over) student or doctoral candidate and have submitted your thesis (including soft-bound), you are no longer eligible to enter.

Some faculties hold pre-competitions, which are a pre-cursor to entry into the SGS Research Showcase. Those unable to participate in faculty pre-comps may be granted entry into the SGS Research Showcase under exceptional circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the School of Graduate Studies.


If you have any questions about this event, please contact