Whistleblower hotline

You can use the whistleblower hotline to report suspected unethical misconduct including fraud, corruption, harassment or bullying.


Where there is a real or imminent threat to personal safety, do not use the whistleblower hotline.

Call the Police on 111 immediately and then Security on extension 85000 or 0800 373 7550.

About the whistleblower hotline

The whistleblower hotline is independently operated by KPMG on behalf of the University of Auckland. The information provided to the hotline will be noted by KPMG and forwarded to the University, who will decide on next steps and further action. 

The hotline allows disclosures to be made 24/7 anonymously through four channels:

Online: Whistleblower report form
Phone: 0800 100 526
Email: FairCall@kpmg.com.au
Fax: +61 29335 7466

There is also an option for partial anonymity (where KPMG but not the University is aware of your contact details), or you can remain anonymous and set up a password to access follow-up reports. These options are explained in more detail on the online form or you can call the whistleblower hotline to discuss.

Fraud, corruption, and related misconduct

The University is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in its activities and operations and has zero  tolerance to fraud. The University has policies, procedures and guidelines in place to prevent and detect fraud. Any initiated fraudulent investigation will be based on the Fraud and Corruption Policy and the Whistleblowing Reporting and Investigation Guidelines. Investigation results will be prepared and provided to the whistleblower directly or via KPMG if reported anonymously.

Please refer to the Fraud Intranet Page for further information.

Harassment or bullying

The University takes seriously the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.
Harassment or bullying is not tolerated within the University community.

The whistleblower hotline is one of several options for reporting harassment or bullying. Where comfortable, you may prefer reporting directly to the University by following the appropriate complaint pathway outlined in the flow chart on the Harassment page or the Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Guidelines.

The whistleblower hotline is a suitable reporting option for anyone who prefers to report:

  • externally to the University
  • using an online form
  • anonymously

If you make an anonymous complaint in relation to harassment/bullying, please be aware that it can only be formally investigated in certain situations:

  • where there is independent documentary evidence to support the complaint and the allegation can be fairly tested
  • where it is not necessary for a respondent to be aware of your identity in order for the complaint to be responded to 

Please note the whistleblower hotline is not a personal support or counselling service. 

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