Academic Integrity Course

An online course designed to increase student knowledge of academic integrity, university rules relating to academic conduct, and the identification and consequences of academic misconduct.

Students starting a new programme at the University of Auckland are required to complete the online Academic Integrity Course.

Students required to complete the course will be automatically enrolled and will see ACADINT.A01 as one of their current courses in Canvas.

Failure to complete the course will result in a Did Not Complete (DNC) recorded on your academic record and automatic re-enrolment in the course. A DNC will be recorded on your transcript for each semester/quarter/academic year you fail to complete the course. Completion of the course is a requirement in order for any degree, diploma or certificate to be conferred or awarded.

For details and exclusions, see Section 13, Enrolment and Programme Regulations on the University of Auckland Calendar.

Access the Academic Integrity Course

If you are enrolled you can access the online course and tests from Canvas, choose ACADINT.A01.

Only enrolled students and staff members can access the tests on the Academic Integrity website. 

How do you complete the course?

Students can work through the modules and complete the tests in their own time, at their own pace. It takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete all five modules and tests. You can complete the modules and tests in any order. You have unlimited attempts but must achieve 100% in each of the module tests in Canvas.

When do you complete the Academic Integrity Course?

Most students will be automatically enrolled into the AI course in their first semester/quarter. See the table below for completion deadlines. Completion will be recorded on your transcript. Non-completion will result in a DNC on your transcript and automatic re-enrolment for the next semester/quarter. This process of re-enrolment will continue until you successfully complete the course.

Student Completion deadline  
Undergraduate By the end of a student’s first semester of study in any programme
Graduate School of Management By the end of a student’s first quarter
Postgraduate (excluding Doctoral) By the end of a student’s first semester or academic year of study in any programme
Doctoral Recommended to complete within the first two months but must be completed by the end of the provisional year.

Where to get assistance

Information about the Academic Integrity Course is available from Ask Auckland: Current Students.