Academic Standing

If you're an undergraduate student, Academic Standing helps you find out how well you’re doing in your studies, and where to get advice and support.

What is Academic Standing?

  • At the end of each semester, including Summer School, we’ll check how well you’re progressing through your qualification and assign you to a category showing your Academic Standing.
  • The categories (Good, At Academic Risk, Academic Restriction) indicate whether you are fulfilling your potential to complete your programme or need extra help or advice about how to get back on track.
  • We believe you are capable of succeeding in your programme, but your performance may be affected by other factors such as your commitment, time management and life events.
  • Academic Standing allows you to judge and manage your academic load more effectively. It ensures we tell you about services and strategies that will help improve your achievement.
  • As an undergraduate student, you have to maintain Good Academic Standing by passing at least 50% of points in a semester (including Summer School).
  • Academic Standing is calculated when results are available at the end of each semester. If you fail to meet the requirements for Good Academic Standing, we’ll advise you of a change to your Academic Standing. We’ll also encourage you to seek assistance from a range of support services.

How is Academic Standing applied?

Level Outcome Status Impact
1 Passed at least 50% of points in a semester Good Academic Standing No impact.
2 Passed less than 50% of points in a semester At Academic Risk No enrolment restriction. We will offer you academic advice and determine if other support is appropriate.
3 Passed less than 50% of points in the next semester Academic Restriction You will be restricted to a maximum of 45 points in your next semester of enrolment (or 25 points in Summer School) and may be required to participate in academic support programmes.
You may appeal for reconsideration if exceptional circumstances beyond your control have affected your performance.
4 Passed less than 50% of points for a third consecutive semester Enrolment Terminated You will be discontinued from all programmes.
You may appeal if exceptional circumstances beyond your control have affected your performance.If exceptional circumstances do not apply, you may apply to be considered for readmission after a year.
5 Have outstanding results in current term Late Results No impact until further assessment made. You will be advised of any changes to your Academic Standing status.

How will you know if your Academic Standing changes?

  • If your Academic Standing changes, we will advise you by email. Please check your University email regularly, as this is a primary means of official correspondence from the University.
  • If your academic performance was affected by disabilities, impairments, medical and other exceptional circumstances, you can apply for a reconsideration of your Academic Standing by filling out the Reconsideration of Academic Standing form. You will be expected to show that you have strategies in place to prevent the factors which impaired your academic performance having a continued adverse effect on your studies. Your application has to be submitted as soon as possible, and at least a week before the semester starts.

If you have any questions, please visit Student Hubs

What should you do if your Academic Standing changes to ‘At Academic Risk’ or ‘Academic Restriction’?

1. Talk to a Hub adviser at your nearest Student Hub about degree planning, your enrolment for the next year, time management and academic support. There are lots of services available to help you such as:

2. Investigate other support services offered by the University and AUSA such as:

3. Check with StudyLink. Your access to loans and allowances is also based on good academic performance and may be impacted. For more information about the requirements, please refer to

What happens if your Academic Standing changes to ‘Enrolment Terminated’?

If your Academic Standing is at 'Academic Restriction' and you passed less than 50% of points enrolled for that semester, your Academic Standing will be changed to 'Enrolment Terminated'. The University will discontinue your enrolment and you will be excluded from all programmes at The University of Auckland.

After a period of one year of exclusion you will be entitled to reapply for admission to a programme.

You will be expected to provide evidence showing that you have taken steps during the interim period to prevent the factors that impaired your academic performance having a continued adverse effect on your studies. This may include appropriate study, work experience or other actions that demonstrate to the satisfaction of the faculty your ability to undertake successful study at the University.

If you reapply, the University may:

  • readmit you under specific conditions


  • decline readmission.
If you are declined readmission, you may wish to discuss the appeals process with Student Hubs

What happens if your performance improves?

At the end of your next semester of study, we will check your academic progress again.If, for example, your current Academic Standing is ‘At Academic Risk’ and you pass at least 50% of the points enrolled for in that semester, you will move back up to ‘Good Academic Standing’.

If you have any questions, please visit Student Hubs

What happens if there are not enough grades to make a decision on my Academic Standing status?

If you have outstanding results, you will receive a ‘Late Results’ status.
Once your grades have been received, we will make an assessment of your Academic Standing status and advise you by email of any resulting changes.

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