Getting started with SSO

Learn about the Student Services Online (SSO) system requirements, how to log in and log out and move around.

Student Services Online runs within a web browser and works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Student Services Online uses ‘cookies’ and JavaScript and they must be enabled in your browser settings. You might be asked to allow pop-ups from the Student Services Online site.

Find out about your homepage, how to log in and out and how to move around SSO below.

Getting to know your home page

Your home page gives you direct access to most areas of Student Services Online. It also lets you know if you have outstanding or overdue items that might prevent you enrolling in any courses.

  • Holds
    Your ‘Holds’ list shows any overdue enrolment or library fees that are now preventing you from accessing University of Auckland services, such as enrolling in courses. If you have any holds, they show up in your To Do list.
  • To Do list
    Your ‘To Do’ list gives you a reminder of what you still need to do in order to complete your application for a programme. You should also check your application status directly. See How to check your application status.
    Your 'To Do' list will also alert you to any other outstanding taks you have in SSO.
  • Finances
    Finance links and information are available by clicking on the 'Fees and Payments' icon.
    When you’re using Student Services Online, to return to your home page, look for a ‘home’ link at the top of each page (just below your name).

Log in and log out

The University of Auckland provides single-sign-on to many of its online services. This means that while you are signed into one of these services you will not have to sign in again to access others.
However, to sign out (log out) of single-sign-on services you must close all sessions of the browser(s) you’re using in order to protect your privacy.
You sign into Student Services Online using single-sign-on.

Log in

If you are a current student at the University of Auckland or already registered with the University:

Sign in using your username or registered email address, and your University password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password online.
Alternatively, you can call our Student Contact Centre on 0800 61 62 63 from within New Zealand or +64 9373 7513 from overseas (available Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm NZT).
If you are not yet registered with the University of Auckland, see How to apply for admission.

Log out

The University’s single-sign-on services do not have a sign-out or log-out button. To sign out of any or all single-sign-on services you must close all sessions of the internet browser(s) you are using, in order to protect your privacy.

Time out

To help protect your privacy, if you are signed into one or more of the University’s online services using single-sign-on and you don’t do anything in them for more than 30 minutes, your sessions will time out.
This means you’ll be automatically logged out of all of the University’s single-sign-on services that you were using at the time.
Any activity in any one of the services before the time out period expires will prevent them all from timing out.


Anyone is welcome to browse the course catalogue or search for class details without signing in.

How to move around

Once you have signed in, it’s best to use the icons, links and buttons provided to move around, rather than your browser’s Forward and Back buttons. On most pages you’ll find links to online help. ‘Cookies’ and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser settings. For most computers, they already are.

Getting help

When you’re applying online or updating your details, look for question mark icons that you can click for more information. Click words or phrases that are underlined with a dotted line to see an explanation of their meaning.

All of Student Services Online have a Help or Search link at the top of the page next to the 'Home' button. Each link leads to quick tips specific to the page you’re using.