How to view your exam timetable

Find out how to view and print your exam timetable online.


  • Exam timetables are usually published on the first day of the mid-semester break before each exam period.
  • We’ll let you know by email that your exam timetable is available in Student Services Online. The email will also include the Examination instructions and regulations.
  • You can then sign in to view and print your timetable.


  1. Sign into Student Services Online
  2. Click on the 'My Exam Timetable' icon 
  3. Select the semester of the exam timetable you want to see. Your timetable will appear in a list view 

Sign in and navigate to your exam timetable now

Weekly calendar view (not recommended)

You can also see your exam timetable in a weekly calendar view. However, the weekly calendar view is not recommended because your exams are often over more than one week.

To view your exam timetable in a weekly calendar view follow these steps:

  1. From the list view, note the dates of your exams
  2. Use the controls above the weekly calendar to see each of the weeks in which you have exams. Remember that you might have exams in more than one week


You can also view the official examination timetable and keep track of any changes. See Exam timetables.