Exam timetable

Find out how to get your exam timetable, and what to do to if you have a problem with an exam time.

Exam timetable

Semester Two

The Semester Two exam timetable is now available. You can also see your personalised exam timetable on Student Services Online.

Semester Two exam timetable changes

Changes to the Semester Two exam timetable are listed in the PDF below. The timetable always incorporates the latest changes.

The last change to the exam timetable was on Monday, 30 October.


Quarter Four

The Quarter Four exam timetable is now available. You can also see your personalised exam timetable on Student Services Online.

The official exam timetable on this page shows the exact exam time and date for each course. When your timetable is ready, we'll send an email to your University email address. Exam dates are not official until you have received this email.

Exam dates are only official for the current semester.

View and print your exam timetable

You can sign into Student Services Online to view and print your exam timetable once the official timetable has been released. See How to view your exam timetable.

Your availability during the exam period

We expect you to be available for the entire examination period and to sit your exams at the campus where they are scheduled.

Find out more about your obligations.

For the exam period for each semester, see Important dates.

Problems with exam times

If you are unable to sit an exam at the scheduled time because of your faith, please immediately contact the Student Information Centre.

There may be other circumstances that affect you sitting an exam. For more information, see:

Three exams per day

You will not have to sit three consecutive exams in a day, or have three consecutive exams over two days that include an evening exam.

The Examinations Office will contact you at your student email address if this appears on your timetable.

Arrangements will be made only if your timetable appears like one of the following:

  • Example #1: Three exams on the same day.
  • Example #2: An afternoon and evening exam followed by a morning exam on the next day.
  • Example #3: An evening exam on the first day followed by a morning and afternoon exam the next day.

Evening exams

The third session has a finishing time of 8pm, as evening exams are only two hours long.

Every effort will be made to have evening exams only in centrally located buildings on the City Campus. Finishing at 8pm should allow you to access public transport.

Unisafe security will be available during the exam period.

Exam clash

Despite our best efforts, sometimes it's unavoidable for students to have two exams scheduled at the same time.

If you have an exam clash, we will arrange for you to sit both exams on the same day. We cannot reschedule your exams to another day.

You will sit one of the exams in the morning and the other in the afternoon. (If you have a clash between evening exams, then one of them will be moved to the afternoon.)

We'll also need to keep you at the Exam Centre between exams to prevent contact with other students who will sit the exam at the original time.

We will email you about the exam clash arrangements and what to do. We'll send the email to your student email account.

If you need help or more information, please contact us.