Internship and work experience providers


Getting work experience while you study is the best way to develop your skills, gain experience and knowledge of the workplace, and identify what your career direction could be after you graduate.

CDES will often have a number of funded spots available each year for in-person and/or virtual internships. Keep up to date with our Facebook or Instagram to find out about these opportunities when they become available.

In addition to this, CDES partners with a number of third-party providers who offer work experience opportunities. Read more about each of these preferred suppliers and what they can offer you. Occasionally there may be reduced rates for University of Auckland students who want to undertake work experiences with these providers, read below to see if these providers are currently offering reduced rates.  

What kind of opportunities are out there?

These are some of the things you might need to consider when choosing an internship or work experience opportunity:

  • Is it free/funded or are there any fees to pay?
  • Do I want international work experience?
  • Can I travel or is a remote/virtual opportunity a better fit?
  • How much time do I have?
  • Is my focus on gaining company insights or working on a real-life scenario?
  • What kind of work experience opportunity do I want? Something formal and structured or a project-based experience?

Virtual work experience

How does virtual work experience work?

  • Get briefed online – and do work that mirrors real life
  • Complete work in your own time – flexibility is key!
  • Undertake tasks that you would complete in a specific role with real companies
  • Provides experience that you are able to discuss in interviews
  • Gives employers the opportunity to identify early talent
  • Increases your chance of landing potential job opportunities

Forage is a provider that offers free virtual work experiences to University of Auckland students. Please note: You are not remunerated for these experiences, however there is no cost associated to undertake and complete the tasks. 

Browse Forage’s virtual work experiences.

Remote and in-person internships

We also work with providers who offer in person and remote internships programmes.

How does an in-person or remote internship programme work?

  • International internship opportunities with global companies in a range of countries and cities (either remote or in-person)
  • Structured internships, with similar aspects to a traditional internship; real work, in real time, with real companies
  • Physical employment with the company you are working with
  • Receiving career development through mentoring and employer support
  • Regular engagement with your supervisor and teammates

Please note: You are not remunerated for your work and there are costs associated to enrol and participate in these programmes.

Here are four preferred providers that offer structured in-person or remote internship programmes to University of Auckland students.

ArtBound Initiative

Browse opportunities on the ArtBound Initiative website.

University of Auckland students Wanaka and Grace both interned with ArtBound Initiative.

Watch Wanaka talk about her experiences as a virtual Script Development Intern for Braven Films, a production company in NYC. Her role varies from script analysis to pitch documentation.

Read Grace's story about her internship creating 3D animations and designs for LOWBROS, a Berlin-based duo artist studio. 


Watch students discuss life on CRCC Asia's Internship Programme.

Browse opportunities on the CRCC Asia website.

The Intern Group

Find out more about The Intern Group’s internship programmes.

Browse opportunities on The Intern Group website.

Pagoda Projects

Find out more about Pagoda Projects’ internship programmes.

Watch students talk about their experiences on a Pagoda Projects Global Online Internship.

Browse opportunities on the Pagoda Projects website.

Think Pacific

Watch University of Auckland student Patrick Yam talk about his experience on Think Pacific's Youth Empowerment Program.

Browse opportunities on the Think Pacific website.

Who can apply for these opportunities?

  • Opportunities are open to all students and alumni from the University of Auckland. 
  • Internships are available for a wide range of degree areas; expect to gain experience across social media, business projects, website design, market reports, financial assessments, usability testing code, and much more.

To get the most out of any internship or work experience you undertake, make sure you read our guide on how to be successful in your internship.

All international University-student travel activities must be registered through the Student International Travel Registration Form prior to departure, so it’s important that any participants of a Global Internship complete this registration once flights are booked for the overseas programme. Additional information is also available under the Guidelines for students travelling overseas.

The University of Auckland also provides international travel insurance to students with approved University student activity travel which meet the conditions for eligibility of coverage under the University Student Activity Travel Terms and Conditions.

Any questions about the travel registration process or University student activity travel insurance should be directed to 360 International at