Writing in English workshops

Our Writing in English workshops will help you gain control over challenging aspects of English so that you can write more accurately and communicate more clearly with your reader.

English Language Enrichment students working in class on laptops supervised by a teacher

Learning Advisers will meet with you on campus or via Zoom and give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning, answer your questions and highlight other language resources.

Who can come?

Undergraduate students, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates.

Workshop details

Writing in English workshops are offered on campus or via Zoom.

To view workshop times and to book your place, click on a workshop title. Only two or three workshops are offered at a time; if the workshop you wish to attend isn’t currently available, you can explore the ELE online resources.

Worshops available

  • Using the article system
    Learn how to make decisions in the correct use of the definite (the), indefinite (a/an) and zero articles.