2022 STEM Expo

A two-day extravaganza designed to get you inspired, and even better, get you hired!

Date: Wednesday 30 March and Thursday 31 March 2022

Location: Engineering Atrium, Levels 3 & 4

We'll be confirming organisations attending soon - check back for more information.

STEM + you = the future

As the STEM industry continues to evolve through exciting new innovations and ground-breaking technology developments, new types of jobs are constantly emerging within this space.

Whether you fancy yourself as a robotic engineer, virtual world creator, artificial intelligence (AI) trainer, sustainability expert, climatologist or something else completely, the STEM industry will open you up to a world of opportunity.

This expo is truly for everyone, regardless of what year you’re in, or what you’re studying. Something exciting could be waiting for you in the fast-changing world of STEM, so come along and witness the future of work at play.

You need a job, and the STEM industry needs you... win, win!

Over the course of the two days, you will have the chance to put your studies to the test as you meet with recruiters from top organisations. You might be surprised to discover the different opportunities available to you and your degree – some you may not have even considered. Do your research on the organisations attending, come with an open mind and have some questions prepared so you’re ready to hit the ground running!

Remember, you ARE the future of the STEM workforce, and employers can’t wait to meet you!