Get Kiwi-ready: Industry insights for a great career start

Get Kiwi-ready with our practical career series for international students.

In this practical career series for international students, we have asked experts from various fields and industries to share useful advice and helpful tips on getting ready to start your career in New Zealand.

Whether you are onshore or offshore, whether you are just starting your Bachelor’s degree or have recently submitted your PhD thesis, we have something to share with you to help you boost your chances of success in the New Zealand job market.

There are six sessions in total, all will be online via Zoom. Take a look at the workshop descriptions below, and register for the sessions you're interested in via MyCDES.

Get Kiwi-ready 1: The power of networking and your personal brand

In this presentation, our speaker Shailan Patel will share practical tips and tricks to help you build your network and develop your personal brand, utilising platforms like LinkedIn. Join this session to be more confident when making connections with people in New Zealand.

Shailan Patel is an Education Manager at MYOB. He is passionate about helping students catapult from education into meaningful employment. He graduated from the University of Bristol, England where he was born and raised, before moving to New Zealand in 2010. Shailan’s career has been diverse, having worked in sales and advertising for three of NZ’s largest media companies, before joining MYOB in 2015 to manage their education channel.

Date: Monday 27 June 2022

Time: 3-4 pm

Online via Zoom

Get Kiwi-ready 2: The world of Engineering – insights for early career development

The Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers (SIGIE) aims to facilitate the settlement of immigrant engineers into meaningful professional employment in New Zealand. Highly experienced and knowledgeable SIGIE representatives will be joining us to share the lessons they have learnt, as well as discuss what employers are looking for in Engineering graduates who are new to New Zealand and what skills students can develop to be more employable in the Kiwi job market.

In this session, you will have a chance to learn from:

  • Joy Chen, a digital solution lead in a large international engineering consulting firm, GHD. Joy leads leads a location intelligence team in New Zealand to deliver digital solutions on various engineering projects.
  • Nitin Sahare, a professional engineer with over 15 years of experience who has worked on some of the most significant and complex projects in New Zealand. Nitin is currently working as a senior project manager with Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency.
  • Yana Averianova, a qualified mechanical and civil engineer with an experience from Russia and New Zealand. Yana is very passionate about helping others to settle in New Zealand via sharing her experience.

Date: Thursday 30 June 2022

Time: 3-4 pm

Online via Zoom

Get Kiwi-ready 3: Utilising recruitment agencies to enter the New Zealand job market

The New Zealand labour market has seen quite a few changes and trends in the past few years. Regardless of your industry and area of study, you need to be aware of them and learn how to navigate this market. Working with a recruitment agency can help you take the first step into the market, and we would love to share with you how they work.

Join our speaker Jayne Glenister, whose recruitment experience spans many years as a generalist recruiter in Australia and NZ, including 7 years recruiting for the NZ Healthcare sector. With extensive industry experience behind her, Jayne now provides a speciality recruitment offering to the Construction and Engineering sectors across the Auckland region.

Date: Friday 1 July 2022

Time: 3-4 pm

Online via Zoom

Get Kiwi-ready 4: Building a future-fit career in tech

Have you been thinking about a career in tech? Whether you are studying a tech-related degree or are simply curious about the industry, join us in this session to learn about the current state and the future of the tech industry in New Zealand. You’ll discover what capabilities you need to develop to be successful in the industry and what Kiwi employers are looking for with regard to technical expertise and other skills.

This session will be facilitated by Shannon Butson, the Student Engagement Manager at Summer of Tech. Summer of Tech is a free programme that empowers Aotearoa’s diverse tech students to bridge the gap between learning and earning, by making it easy and attractive for New Zealand employers to hire them.

Date: Monday 4 July 2022

Time: 3-4 pm

Online via Zoom

Get Kiwi-ready 5: PhD and career realities in academia – inside scoop: a two-part session for aspiring and current PhD students

Please note that this session consists of two parts. Read the descriptions carefully and join the part that meets your needs.

Our speaker: Dr Angela Liew, a seasoned academic and highly experienced lecturer, has been teaching at the University of Auckland Business School for over 20 years in a range of topic areas, including management accounting, new product development, qualitative research methods, accounting information systems, and robotic process automation. Angela frequently attends and chairs practitioner conferences and knows the world of academia like the back of her hand. You will have a unique opportunity to benefit from her expertise.

Part 1: To PhD or not to PhD – a session for the University of Auckland students who are considering or just curious about doing a PhD in the future

You might be doing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree right now and wondering if you should do more studies and go for a PhD – wherever you are in the process, start with some information gathering and a reality check if you have not started a PhD yet. Join this part of the session to learn more about the value of a PhD for your career prospects in academia or in the industry.

Date: Thursday 7 July 2022

Time: 3–3.45pm (for aspiring PhD students)

Online via Zoom

Part 2: So close, yet so far – a session for all current UoA PhD students aspiring for an academic career

A PhD journey is an emotional roller coaster – and you are currently riding it! You might be looking for some tips and inspiration to continue the academic journey, or you might be wondering how to score an interview and a job offer after you finally submit your thesis. Join this part of the session if you are currently doing a PhD and would like to gain some hands-on tips and tricks to ace the academia game. The session is suitable for PhD students of all stages – from those who have just started to those who are waiting for the oral exam.

Date: Thursday 7 July 2022

Time: 3.50–4.45pm (for current PhD students)

Online via Zoom

Get Kiwi-ready 6: The value of your PhD in non-academic jobs – insights from a PhD graduate

You might be nearing the end of your PhD journey, or you might have just started. You might be applying for non-academic jobs or just wondering what the labour market outside of academia has to offer – and what you can contribute to it!

Whether you have specific questions about the value of your PhD degree outside the University, or you are simply curious about various career pathways and options, join us for a Q & A session with Dr David Duan. David holds a PhD and BSc (First Class Honours) from The University of Auckland. He is a strategic thinker and leader in Data Science and Analytics, with 10 years of experience helping organisations improve their Data Science capabilities.

Date: Friday 8 July 2022

Time: 3-4 pm

Online via Zoom