Learning difficulties

Here you will find self-help resources to help with learning difficulties.

Inclusive learning

Inclusive Learning provides learning assessment and academic support for University of Auckland students with specific learning disabilities

Find out more about inclusive learning.

Disability services

Disability Services at the University of Auckland exists to support students and staff with a range of impairments to succeed and excel within the University.

Find out more about Disability Services.

English Language Enrichment (ELE)

ELE offers free academic English language advice and English language development opportunities to all University of Auckland students.

Visit English Language Enrichment.

DELNA (Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment)

DELNA is a free check of your academic English language skills. Your results will not exclude you from courses and will not appear on your official academic record. All first-year students must do the DELNA screening.

Visit DELNA.

Le Va

Le Va work with Pacific people to provide resources,  tools, information and support they need for the best possible health, wellbeing and social outcomes. The website has information about the mental health and addictions programmes run by Le Va, as well as disability, public health, suicide prevention and education programmes.

Visit Le Va.