Te Papa Manaaki | Campus Care

A safe, confidential and free service that supports the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone at University.

This is not a crisis service. If the person is in immediate danger please ring
Emergency Services on 111 or Campus Security on 0800 3737 550.

Do you need help? Or worried about another student?

The Te Papa Manaaki | Campus Care team can help with the following:
  • Mental health concerns and support planning
  • Family violence and other safety issues
  • Anxiety and distress issues impacting study  
  • Financial concerns and stress 
  • Stress related to caring responsibilities    
  • Bullying, harassment & discrimination
  • Sexual harm, including sexual harassment and assault 
  • For those facing an exceptional circumstance outside of their control, one of the team can work out a support plan with you looking at academic and other needs.

Did you know?

Student can be referred by others or reach out directly to seek advice or personal support.

About the team and our services

The Te Papa Manaaki, Campus Care team work with students to better understand their concerns and needs, streamlining interactions with campus services, and developing a treatment plan that works in the best interests of each individual.  

Students are assigned a single case manager, who remains in contact if needed, guiding students through internal and external services that can support their needs. 

The team also includes Mental Health Case Managers, who can provide support for students living with a diagnosed mental health condition. 

a photo of the Te Papa Manaaki team
Back L-R Sam, Avi, Liz, Jemma | Middle L-R Naleesha, Bex | Front L-R Chanel, Anna, Meliana, Tenille, Kelsey

Reporting a concern

We encourage everyone at the University to reach out whenever they see concerning behaviour. Identifying this behaviour early on minimises the risk to those affected and provides greater opportunities to support and help people in need.