Enrolling late into a course

A late enrolment is when you enrol into a course after the deadline for changing your enrolment. This is usually in addition to your current course enrolments. 

To view the deadlines for changing enrolment

Before applying to enrol late for a course

If you're thinking about enrolling in a course after the deadline for changing enrolments, it is important to

  • Think through your decision carefully
  • Seek help and advice before continuing

Before deciding, we recommend that you visit your nearest Student Hub to get advice from our friendly staff and discuss your options. 

Important things to know

  • Applications for a late enrolment are rarely approved in the fourth week or after of a semester.
  • If you enrol late in a course then you are enrolling after the deletion deadline. This means that if you decide not to continue in the course, you may not be able to delete the course from your record or receive a refund of fees.*

*If you're experiencing exceptional circumstances, you may be able to apply for a late deletion. For more information, please see Late deletions.

For more information on enrolment issues, please see Issues with Enrolment.

How to apply

If you decide that you're going to apply for a late enrolment, please Contact us

Alternatively, visit your nearest Student Hub.

A staff member will assess your circumstances and, if necessary, provide you with a form to complete to apply for a late enrolment. 

After you apply

If you've applied to enrol late into a course, you will be notified by email to your student email if your application has been approved or declined. 

Approved applications for late enrolments will be processed by the University. 

If approved, you are required to pay your tuition fees immediately as the deadline to pay fees has passed.

For more information, please see Payment methods.