Compulsory Student Services Fee

The Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF), sometimes called the Student Levy, funds student support services at the University. Find out how much it is, what it funds and how you can have your say.

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What is the Compulsory Student Services Fee?

The Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF), or student levy as it is sometimes known, is the fee paid by all enrolled students to contribute to the student support services provided at the University. 

What can be funded?

Each year, the University collects approximately $28 million in student levies. The Education Amendment Act (2011) gives the Tertiary Education Minister the power to issue directions to universities on the categories of services that universities can use the compulsory student levy to fund.

Those categories are currently:

  • Advocacy and legal advice
  • Careers information, advice and guidance
  • Counselling services and pastoral care
  • Employment information
  • Financial support and advice
  • Health services
  • Media
  • Childcare services
  • Clubs and societies
  • Sports, recreation and cultural activities

How was the levy spent in 2022?

The consultation document outlines what was funded in 2022, the spent on each of the ten categories and why we think it’s important.

How much is charged?

In 2024 the fee is $8.88 per point, which works out to be $1,065.60 for a typical undergraduate taking eight papers (in 2023, this was $8.38 per point or $1005.60 for a student studying a total of 120 points). International and domestic students, undergraduates and postgraduates, all pay the same amount.

In 2022, the University collected approximately $28 million for the Compulsory Student Services Fee.

How is the fee collected?

The fee is collected when tuition fees are billed. For first-year students whose fees are being covered under the fees-free government policy, the student levy is also covered by this initiative for the first year of study.

How is the fee determined?

The Student Consultative Group (SCG) is the consultation forum for the levy. This group is made up of student representatives and is chaired by the Provost. The SCG makes recommendations to the Finance Committee and Council in August each year. Council sets fees in October for the following year.

How can students have their say?

Students can talk directly with their representative on the SCG to make their views known on the levy. To find out who is on the SCG, visit the Student Consultative webpage on the University website.

Students can also have their say by completing a short online survey or submitting a comment in one of the suggestion boxes located at the Student Hubs, AUSA reception and Te Kāuta Student Kitchen and Lounge.