Student Consultative Group (SCG)


The purpose of SCG is to provide a forum for senior University staff and student representatives to share information and perspectives on strategic issues affecting the student experience at the University. It provides for student input into decision-making on major University issues that are likely to affect students.

SCG is not empowered to consider appeals over decisions taken elsewhere in the University, nor is it a mechanism for considering matters that can be addressed by other committees, departments, faculties or service divisions. However, major issues that have a particular impact on students can also be considered at this committee, with a view to ensuring adequate consultation is occurring through the primary channels.

Specifically SCG will:

  1. Share information about key, strategic issues facing the University and their impact on students.
  2. Share information and progress updates on key developments within the University.
  3. Consult on University-wide policy where these have not or cannot be discussed by any other University committee that includes student representatives.
  4. Hear concerns raised by students where these cannot be addressed by other committees, departments, faculties or service divisions.
  5. Provide a forum for consultation with students on the student services levy. Student members of SCG shall be briefed on the levy at the June meeting and shall respond with a recommendation at the August meeting.
  6. Provide an opportunity for regular contact between senior University staff and student representatives.


Staff: (14)

  • Provost (Chair)
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • Director of Campus Life (Deputy Chair)
  • A representative of each Faculty (8)
  • Director Student Equity
  • Student Engagement Manager

Students: (17-31)

  • AUSA President
  • AUSA Education Vice-President
  • AUSA Admin Vice-President
  • AUSA Treasurer
  • PGSA President
  • PGSA Vice-President
  • NTM President
  • AUPISA President
  • A representative of international students
  • Tamaki Student Association President
  • Faculty representatives (8)
  • Student representatives of University Council (if not already represented above)
  • Student Representatives of the following committees (unless already represented above):
    • Academic Programmes
    • Board of Graduate Studies
    • Education
    • Equity
    • International
    • Library
    • Research
    • Runanga
  • A representative of each of the Grafton and Epsom campuses (if not already represented above).

Meeting frequency

There will be between 6 and 8 meetings per annum, held between March and October, avoiding semester breaks. Two of these meetings (June and August) shall be concerned with the student services levy (as above). The June meeting will be an opportunity for members to be briefed on the current structure of the SSL. The August meeting will focus on the proposed SSL for the following year.


  1. Faculty student representatives are to be sought from faculty student associations and they are expected to attend faculty SSCC meetings. If a nomination is not received from a faculty association then the faculty SSCC will be asked to nominate a representative.
  2. The AUSA International Student Representative is not required to be an international student. For 2012 it is proposed to invite the AUSA representative but also to ask AUSA to amend its constitution to require an international student to fill this position. If that is not possible alternative arrangements for electing an international student representative will be made through the International Office.
  3. Faculty staff representatives are to be nominated by Deans. They can be Academic or Professional staff but should have direct responsibility for student affairs in their faculty (e.g., Faculty Manager or Associate Dean with student responsibilities).
  4. Secretarial support will be provided by Campus Life.