Digital Enablement Committee

Terms of reference


To advise the Vice-Chancellor on governance of digital enablement across the University including:

  • Supporting the development and delivery of the University strategy and supporting transformation
  • Delivery of the digital agenda and the value from investments
  • Information Technology (IT) risks (cyber security is seen as a University wide business risk)
  • Monitoring University performance against the digital strategy
  • Looking to the future and beyond pure IT



  1. Oversee the process of creating the University’s Digital Strategy to support the overall University strategy, and endorse for presentation to University Executive Committee (UEC)
  2. Ensure that digital is a core part of a transformed University, and represented in relevant business strategies
  3. Endorse IT policies for presentation to UEC
  4. Provide comment, direction and endorsement for relevant IT reports, strategies, policies and plans
  5. Monitor delivery of the Digital Strategy (The IT Portfolio Governance Board oversees the prioritised IT projects, activities and investment)
  6. Monitor the operational performance of delivering digital services
  7. Ensure appropriate channels are in place, and embraced for consultation and engagement with the University community
  8. Provide an annual report to Senate on the activities and involvement of the committee


  • Director Vice-Chancellor (Operations) & Registrar – Chair
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Provost or delegate
  • Director, Libraries & Learning Services or delegate
  • Four academic leaders or staff with relevant expertise appointed by the Committee
  • UniServices representative
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Director Digital Strategy & Architecture
  • Chief Technology Officer

Committee members and term of office

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Operations) & Registrar – Chair Holds office until
Mrs A Cleland Ex-officio
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Holds office until
Professor J Metson
Holds office until
Professor V Linton
Director, Libraries & Learning Services
Holds office until
Ms S Roberts
Four academic leaders or staff with relevant expertise appointed by the Committee
Holds office until
Professor M Gahegan
Professor S Holdaway  
Professor J Hosking  
Uniservices representative
Holds office until
Mr A Shenk
Chief Digital Officer
Holds office until
Mr S Whiteside
Director Digital Strategy & Architecture
Holds office until
Mr J Pye
Chief Technology
Holds office until
Mr J Mangan

ITS Secretariat

Ranmali Mada
Phone: +64 9 923 3350
Extn: 83350

Schedule of meetings

Date Time
Wednesday 16.03.2022 10am
Wednesday 18.05.2022 10am
Wednesday 20.07.2022 10am
Wednesday 14.09.2022 10am
Wednesday 09.11.2022 10am