University Executive Committee

Terms of Reference

As the University’s executive leadership team, the University Executive Committee (UEC) provides a vehicle for setting the vision, strategic decision making, communication and focus on our core purpose and mission through:

  • Providing advice to the Vice-Chancellor with respect to decisions made under the exercise of the Vice-Chancellor’s delegation
  • Supporting strategy development, effective governance, resource allocation and the academic and financial sustainability of the University
  • Supporting the University to deliver on strategic objectives for Māori and to meet its obligations with respect to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Promoting the interests of students
  • Supporting the University on the strategic direction, objectives and equitable outcomes for Pacific staff and students, and advising on engagement with Pacific communities.
  • Supporting the University to deliver strategic Equity objectives.
  • Supporting University staff to achieve career aspirations and to contribute positively to the wider education and research mission of the University.
  • Providing oversight of the implementation of the strategic plan and achievement of key objectives, programmes and performance targets, including;
    • Monitoring the Semestral Review process outcomes for faculty, institute and service divisions including performance against plans and budgets
    • Monitoring the University’s capital and strategic investment portfolios
    • Reviewing proposals from the Capital Planning and Development Committee and advising the Vice-Chancellor accordingly
    • Advising on key operational matters
  • Reviewing reports and recommendations from the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee, providing active leadership of HSW across the University and championing the implementation of adopted action plans
  • Reviewing recommendations from the Risk Management Advisory Group and advising the Vice-Chancellor on risk-related matters including:
    • Effective responses to legislation and government policy with a University-wide impact.
    • University risk appetite and framework
    • Risk and business continuity matters
  • Supporting the development of effective University-wide policies; employee relations, international, fundraising, alumni, reputation, brand, marketing and recruitment positions; systems and delegations
  • Reviewing recommendations from Budget Working Group and advising the Vice-Chancellor on;
    • Resource allocation principles (taking into consideration advice from the Academic Leadership Committee)
    • The University’s annual budget
  • Advising on the academic structure of the University including major changes to the grouping of academic disciplines and the organisation of professional staff functions


Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategic Engagement
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Operations & Registrar
Pro Vice-Chancellor Māori
Pro Vice-Chancellor Pacific
Director of Human Resources
Chief Financial Officer

This committee reports to the Vice-Chancellor.

Committee members and term of office

Vice-Chancellor         Holds office until
Professor D Freshwater Ex-officio
Provost                                      Holds office until          
Professor V Linton Ex-officio                              
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Holds office until
Professor Frank Bloomfield Ex-officio 
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategic Engagement     
Holds office until
Dr E Lithander Ex-officio                         
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Operations & Registrar                                   
Holds office until                                       
Mrs A Cleland Ex-officio
Pro Vice-Chancellor Māori                                   
Holds office until
Associate Professor TK Hoskins
Pro Vice-Chancellor Pacific                                   
Holds office until
Professor J Tiatia-Siau Ex-officio
Director of Human Services                                   
Holds office until              
Mr A Phipps Ex-officio
Chief Financial Officer                                 
Holds office until              
Mr T Bluett

Schedule of meetings

The committee meets weekly on Tuesday at 11.30am.

Committee secretary

Ms J Tomov
Extn: 87751