Staff Advisory Committee

Terms of reference

To provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor on matters related to staff and achieving “A work environment characterised by a commitment to clear expectations, development of potential, inclusiveness, high achievement and rewarding performance” (Objective 1 The University of Auckland Strategic Plan). These matters may include:

  • Human Resources policies
  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Orientation & induction
  • People & organisational development
  • Performance review
  • Health, safety & wellbeing
  • Promotion
  • Recognition & reward
  • Benchmarking employment practices
  • Progress in achieving staff equity goals

Staff Advisory Committee will receive and consider annual plans from Human Resources and the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education.

The Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health Advisory Committee (OESHAC) reports to Staff Advisory Committee and Staff Advisory Committee receives and considers the minutes of OESHAC meetings.


  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Provost
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity) or nominee
  • Two deans
  • Two professorial Representatives elected by the professoriate
  • Two sub-professorial representatives elected by sub-professorial staff
  • Two professional Staff elected by professional staff
  • One academic head (nominated by the Academic Heads Advisory Group {AHAG})
  • Two Tertiary Education Union (TEU) representatives
  • Staff equity manager


Committee members and term of office

Vice-Chancellor Holds office until
Professor D Freshwater - Chair Ex-officio
Director of Human Resources Holds office until
Mr A Phipps Ex-officio
Provost Holds office until
Professor V Linton Ex-officio
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity) or nominee Holds office until
Professor C Stinear Ex-officio
Two deans   Holds office until
Professor R Greenberg 31.01.21
Professor J Fraser 31.01.22
Two professorial representatives elected by the professoriate Holds office until
Professor C Fouché 31.01.22
Professor S Mitchell 31.01.22
Two sub-professorial staff elected by sub-professorial staff Holds office until
Mr A Patterson 31.01.22
Dr B Dickson 31.01.22
Two professional staff elected by professional staff Holds office until
Ms L Isted 31.01.22
Ms S Matai'a 31.01.22
One academic head nominated by AHAG Holds office until
Associate Professor G Anson 31.01.21
TEU Representatives Holds office until
Professor E O'Brien  
Ms L Passau  
In attendance Holds office until
Associate Director, Equity (Human Resources)

Committee Secretary

Ms Dee Chapman
Phone: +64 9 927 7779
Extn: 87779

Schedule of meetings

Date Time