University Academic Staffing Committee

Terms of reference

  • To maintain and enhance academic standards of academic staff at the University of Auckland
  • To recommend promotion to Professor and Associate Professor
  • To receive reports from and assist in the activities of Faculty Staffing Committees
  • To provide experienced staff to be co-opted as external representatives for Faculty Staffing Committees
  • To advise the Vice-Chancellor on appointment processes for Professors, Deans and other senior staff outside faculties.


  • Vice-Chancellor or nominee – Chair
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Five Members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor (such members shall not comprise Deans of Faculties)
  • Two professorial members elected by the professoriate
  • Two sub-professorial staff elected by sub-professorial staff

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Equity) may attend meetings for monitoring and advisory purposes.University Academic Staffing Committee reports to the Vice-Chancellor.

Committee membership and term of office

Vice-Chancellor or nominee Holds office until
Professor D Freshwater - Chair Ex-officio
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Holds office until
Professor J Morrow
Five members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor (such members shall not comprise Deans of Faculties)
Holds office until
Professor J Metson
Distinguished Professor J Harding 31.01.19
Professor C Hartinger 31.01.21
Associate Professor K Dirks 31.01.22
Professor C Rubie-Davies 31.01.21
Professor S May 31.01.21
Two Professorial Members Elected by the Professoriate Holds office until
Professor J McLean 31.01.22
Professor A Hill 31.01.21
Two Sub-Professorial Staff Elected by Sub-Professorial Staff
Holds office until
Dr C Miller
Associate Professor S Coen
Five Co-opted Members
Holds office until
Professor J Ingham
Professor P Thorne
Professor T Olsen  31.01.21 
Professor L Bryder  31.01.22
Professor L Beddoe 31.01.22
In attendance as required
Holds office until
Ms T McNaughton
Mr A Phipps
Ms P Toft

Committee Secretary

Mrs J Tomov
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 87779

Schedule of meetings

There are no pre-scheduled meetings for the University Academic Staffing Committee. Meetings are convened when necessary, by the Vice-Chancellor.