Can't generate a statement or invoice

​The most common reasons why you are not able to generate a statement/invoice through Student Services Online are:

  • You do not have an active address
  • You have no enrolment for the chosen period
  • Pop-ups are being blocked by your internet browser
  • You are trying to request a GST invoice, but you have already received one for the same academic period

Statement and fees receipts

Checking your address details are correct

First, check that your address details are correct and that there is at least one address that is 'active' in Student Services Online.

  • If there is no active address, you will need to add one before you can generate a statement/invoice.
  • If there is an active address available, then it could be that you do not have any enrolments/charges on your account for the period covered by the statement you are trying to generate. You can expand the period you are trying to cover and then try generating the statement/invoice again.

Clearing your browser cache/history

Finally, as statements appear as a PDF document in a new window, you need to ensure that your web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) is set to allow pop-ups. For a guide to checking your pop-up blocker settings, see the How to Enable Pop Ups section in

How can clear browser cache

If above does not work

If you are still unable to generate a statement/invoice, please email

So that we can investigate the problem for you, please include:

  • A screen shot (using the 'Print Screen' function on your keyboard) of the Generate Statement page
  • A copy of any error message you have received

Tax invoice

Please note, if you are trying to generate a request for a tax invoice (rather than a statement/invoice), you will be unable to do so if you have already received one for the same period.

This is because tax invoices are only issued once for any given academic period.

If you need another tax invoice, you can email

You can view historical invoices on Student Services Online.