Postgraduate fees for international students

Find out the tuition fees you will pay as a international student for postgraduate study.

You can find the estimated 2019 international student tuition fees for postgraduate programmes in the table below.

This is an estimate, assuming you will study full-time (120 points), and your courses are all within the faculty that teaches your programme.

2019 fees

Postgraduate course subject Tuition fee per point Annual tuition fee based on 120 points
Architecture NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Arts NZ$280.73 NZ$33,688
Arts (science and performance-based courses) NZ$329.87 NZ$39,584
Business and Economics (excluding coursework masters) NZ$294.77 NZ$35,372
Business Masters Programmes (MMgt, MIntBus, MProfAcctg, and MMktg) - Fee details are on the Business Masters website.
Dance Studies NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Education (excluding GradDipTchg) NZ$280.73 NZ$33,688
Engineering NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Engineering (geothermal energy courses) NZ$421.71 NZ$50,605
Fine Arts NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Law NZ$297.60 NZ$35,712
Medical and Health Sciences NZ$369.25 - NZ$644.40 NZ$44,310-$77,328
Music NZ$291.96 NZ$35,035
Science NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Teaching (GradDipTchg - Secondary) NZ$217.10 NZ$26,052-$34,736
Theology NZ$280.73 NZ$33,688
Urban Design NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Urban Planning NZ$291.96 NZ$35,035-$41,167.20
Urban Planning (Prof) NZ$343.06 NZ$41,167
Interfaculty programmes*** - Because these programmes are made up of courses with differing per-point fees, it is difficult to accurately estimate a total annual fee. For individual course fees, see Fees by faculty.

* Based on 160 points. The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) is an intensive 160-point, one-year programme.

** Based on 150 points. The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) is an intensive 150-point, one-year programme.

*** Interfaculty programmes:
Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, Master of Bioscience Enterprise, Postgraduate Diploma in Bioscience Enterprise, Master of Disaster Management, Master of Energy, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Operations Research, Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research, Master of Professional Studies.

Student Services Fee

You will also pay a Student Services Fee of NZ$7.06 per point, estimated at NZ$847.20 for full time study (120 points).