Auckland Advantage™ terms and conditions

Auckland AdvantageTM is a suite of benefits that will either:

  1. be automatically applied to eligible students, for one course tuition fee waiver or
  2. grant eligible students the opportunity to access extra-curricular programming.

Each programme or benefit within Auckland AdvantageTM will be promoted accordingly and is subject to availability.

Access to all benefits outlined in Auckland AdvantageTM is not guaranteed. Access to extra or co-curricular programmes may be granted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, within the limits of scheduled capacity.

There may be additional terms and conditions for existing programmes included as part of the Auckland AdvantageTM offering, i.e. virtual microinternships, Summer Lab, etc. When you apply for these benefits, please ensure that you review the appropriate terms and conditions for these offerings, where applicable. The Terms and Conditions for Auckland AdvantageTM do not supersede applicable Terms and Conditions for specific programmes or housing benefits.

The University reserves the right to vary the terms of (and the benefits available under) the Auckland AdvantageTM programme from time to time at its discretion. Changes will be updated to the Auckland AdvantageTM website.  

One free course

  • The course tuition fee waiver will be automatically applied for eligible International students to the subsequent least expensive course that they enrol in after completing 120 points offshore online, up to a maximum of 15 points.
  • The free course must be used within two semesters of gaining eligibility. If a student suspends or defers enrolment for two semesters, the eligibility is forfeited.
  • The free course may be consumed either offshore online or onshore, border restrictions permitting.
  • 4th year honours courses taken as part of an undergraduate programme are also eligible for this programme.
  • When New Zealand Covid-19 border restrictions are lifted, the programme will be reviewed and may be suspended. From that point, earning additional points towards a course tuition fee waiver from offshore online study will cease but students will have one year from earning eligibility to use it.
  • To be eligible for the one course tuition fee waiver, you must:
    • Be an International student paying International tuition fees
    • Have enrolled, paid for and completed 120 undergraduate points offshore online with the University of Auckland from Semester Two 2020 onwards
    • Points completed at a University of Auckland China Learning Centre are included in the eligibility calculation
  • Fees will be initially applied to the enrolment in your student fees account when you enrol in your eligible course. The tuition fee for the free course will be waived after the add/drop deadline for the Semester/Summer School has passed.
  • The fee waiver will be applied to tuition fees only. All other associated fees, e.g. Student Services Fee, etc. will remain due.
  • The course tuition fee waiver will only apply for one 15-point course. If you are enrolled in more than one course the waiver will be applied to the lowest tuition fee.
  • If the course that has received the course tuition fee waiver is subsequently deleted with a partial credit/refund or no credit/refund the eligibility under this loyalty programme will be considered to have been used and you will not be granted a further course tuition fee waiver under this current offer.

In Semester One 2020, the University offered incentives to offshore International students in our early response to travel restrictions due to the global pandemic and the rapid shift to online delivery. Those benefits cannot be combined with the one course tuition fee waiver in Auckland AdvantageTM.

If you hold a scholarship, from the University or from another source, this should not impact your eligibility for the one course tuition fee waiver.

The following students are not eligible for the free course tuition fee waiver:

  • International undergraduate students who were eligible for the Free Summer School offer made in Semester One 2020, whether they have redeemed that offer or not.
  • International undergraduate students who failed a single semester online course in Semester One 2020 and who used or are still eligible for Free Repeat course(s). Points obtained under the Free Repeat offer will not be included in the calculation towards the 120-points eligibility assessment.
  • Study Abroad and Exchange students.
  • MBCHB students.
  • Domestic students studying online either in New Zealand or offshore.
  • Students in Auckland Online programmes.
  • Students who gain Permanent Residence status within the qualifying period will no longer be eligible for the offer.
  • If residency status changes to Permanent Residency after the 120 points have been accumulated at the International fees rates before applying the waiver, the one course tuition fee waiver will be assessed and applied at the tuition rate applicable at the payment due date for the eligible course.
  • Students who have been excluded from enrolling for any reason such as but not limited to; not meeting the programme regulations, having their programme discontinued or have been subject to any disciplinary action such as academic misconduct, or and any action resulting in being excluded from the University.
  • Students with outstanding debts to the University.  

Cost benefits for offshore online study

The University of Auckland charges a compulsory Student Services Fee, currently $8.02 per point. The fee is the same for Domestic and International students. On average, this represents $481.20 for one semester with a full load of four courses (60 points). We will charge you 50% for online study, a savings of roughly $240NZD for one semester of online study.

Study Buddies

  • Subject to availability.
  • Existing terms and conditions apply.  

Virtual microinternships

  • Subject to availability (1,500 scheduled per year).
  • Existing terms and conditions apply.  

Career support

  • Subject to availability.
  • Existing terms and conditions apply.  

Contact us

For more information on Auckland AdvantageTM and support for international students studying online overseas, email

These terms and conditions were last updated on 7 July 2021.