Xiao Shen Hu (Remy)

Remy was drawn to studying in Tāmaki Makaurau because of the strength of our programmes and the beauty of our islands.

Xiao Shen Hu (Remy)

“Aotearoa is truly a place of beauty. I was immediately drawn to the breathtaking landscapes, excellent range of hiking trails and volcanic formations. New Zealand also offers a diverse mix of cultures as rich and robust as the aroma of its morning coffee.

“The University of Auckland was my primary choice for medical education because many aspects of the institution's values and teachings really resonate with my own.

“Equally impressive for me is the university’s emphasis on the value of nutrition for good health - this, I find, unparalleled compared to other institutions teaching medicine.

The University places great emphasis on addressing health inequity and colonialism, developing culturally safe practices, advancing indigenous health, and being compassionate towards self and others.

“One of the best decisions I made when I moved here was to stay in university accommodation. My dorm room was bright, quiet, and looked more like a hotel than what I’d expect for student accommodation.

“Notably, each floor is assigned a resident advisor (RA). My RA made me feel incredibly welcome and connected with the community. It was so reassuring to know there was always someone who I could talk to if needed.

“Initially, I was really concerned that I didn’t know anyone, and that I’d struggle to make friends and adapt to New Zealand culture. Turns out this wasn’t an issue - especially as there were organised events for everyone to get to know each other.

“I was provided with step-by-step guidance for my visa application and border entry. I was also given clear and immediate responses that addressed any of my concerns. Particularly heartwarming were emails I received throughout my studies, just to check on how I was doing.

“To me, all these narratives are a testament to the amount of effort that is put into a university that truly values its students.”