Maria Eleni Pouliasi

Maria Eleni, from Greece, is researching International Tax Law, with a focus on international tax dispute resolution.

Maria Eleni Pouliasi

Maria Eleni is a recipient of both the Professor Brian Coote Memorial Scholarship and the Foundation for Education and European Culture scholarship.

“My doctoral study focuses on international tax dispute resolution. My research emphasises the necessity of foundational principles to create a fair and effective international tax dispute system.

“My supervisors are leading tax academics with great expertise in international tax law. They conduct extensive research in theorising international taxation. This means they can offer me the necessary guidance for my doctoral studies. 


The University of Auckland is a leading institution with modern infrastructure and multi-year specialisation in international tax law, making it the perfect choice.

“The support I receive from my supervisors is outstanding. While I was studying off-shore during the pandemic, and after my arrival to New Zealand, I have never felt alone. In fact, regular meetings with my supervisors and their insightful feedback have been central to my progress.

“The University of Auckland’s multicultural environment presents great opportunities for you to meet new people from diverse cultural backgrounds and share insights and experiences.

“The law PhD cohort is very supportive. We have many inspired conversations that lead to a genuine exchange of ideas. Feeling that I am part of a truly intellectual community is highly beneficial for my doctoral experience.

“In addition, the University has excellent databases and a brilliant library collection in my area of research.

“My advice for those who wish to pursue a PhD? Don’t quit! Rejection is a normal part of the application process, and I believe it is also highly educational. It teaches you to be resilient, persistent, and prepares you for an academic career.”