Trevyn Toone

Trevyn is from the US and is studying for a PhD in Marine Science. He is a recipient of the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship.

Trevyn Toone

“I visited New Zealand as an undergraduate and loved even the small bit that I saw. When a PhD position opened up in my field just as I was graduating, it felt like the perfect opportunity!

“I really appreciate how my research is mostly collaborative. It fuses academia, industry, and local community groups while still allowing for independence in the exact experiments and projects I undertake. Conducting field work in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds is also a highlight!

I’ve really enjoyed my time in New Zealand and my PhD studies. I’ve had the opportunity to conduct incredible research and connect with amazing collaborators while also traveling the country and experiencing what life in New Zealand has to offer.

"I think my biggest changes have actually been similar to the experience of any PhD student, international or domestic. Specifically, moving to a new place and gaining more personal and professional independence.

"I actually don’t live in Auckland which is an option for many Ph.D. students. I live in Nelson and love being right next store to amazing sites like Abel Tasman or the Marlborough Sounds.

"Later this year I start a postdoctoral research position at North Carolina State University where I’ll be building on my research here in New Zealand by studying ways we can better restore and recover degraded coastal ecosystems.

"My research investigates the decline of green-lipped mussel reefs in the Marlborough Sounds and tests possible ways to bring them back. This research drew me in because I grew up on the coast and saw first-hand how our coastal habitats worldwide have been decimated by human impacts. Restoring these habitats, including mussel reefs, is the key to recovering coastal ecosystems.

"I would encourage studying at UoA! It’s a big commitment and can seem overwhelming, but it’s also an incredible opportunity if you choose to take it!"