Doctoral study in Marine Science

Why study with us?

New Zealand’s leading and largest Faculty of Science* brings together 10 diverse schools and departments to provide outstanding quality teaching and research opportunities. Our doctoral students work with some of the nation’s leading researchers and benefit from the faculty’s connections with international universities and industry. You will also have access to high-quality laboratory and field research facilities.


Research opportunities

We welcome PhD proposals in areas including:

  • Aquaculture
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Coastal processes
  • Environmental management
  • Fisheries
  • Evolution, Systematics and Ecology
  • Marine megafauna and acoustic ecology
  • Marine social-ecological systems
  • Marine Geology
  • Oceanography

Our people

Many of our knowledgeable scientists are major contributors in their field.

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Research topics

See a selection of past and present research topics:

  • Morphology of the inner ear in cartilaginous fishes | supervised by Craig Radford
  • Ecosystem function in coastal soft-sediment habitats and the implications of climate change | supervised by Simon Thrush
  • Investigating the resilience of kelp forests to sedimentation and climate change | supervised by Nick Shears
  • Marine Macroalgae | supervised by Wendy Nelson
  • Global Biogeography and biodiversity | supervised by Shane Wright
  • Gracilariales | supervised by Wendy Nelson
  • Ulvales | supervised by Wendy Nelson
  • Marine invasive species | supervised by Shyama Pagad
  • Coralline algae | supervised by Wendy Nelson
  • Bangiales | supervised by Wendy Nelson
  • Ice-Ocean Interactions | Oceanic-preconditioning of polynya processes | supervised by  Craig Stevens
  • Cook Strait | quantifying extreme tides | supervised by Craig Stevens

For more information about PhD theses and topics you may be interested in, or supervisors and their past research, please use the search function on the Libraries and Learning Services catalogue.

Scholarships and awards

See our University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship page for scholarship opportunities. Or search our database for scholarships that may be available.

Help and advice

Please see our Doctoral students section for further information, advice and contact information.

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