Jamael Jacob

Originally from the Philippines, Jamael completed his Master of Laws degree and currently practises in his home country as a Human Rights Law Consultant and certified privacy professional specialising in privacy and data protection law.

Key facts

  • Home country: Philippines
  • Degree programme: Master of Laws, Human Rights Law specialisation
  • Faculty: Law
  • Current role: Human Rights Law and Privacy Consultant based in Manila, Philippines

I wanted to specialise in Human Rights Law. The University of Auckland had the programme that actually allowed me to have Human Rights Law as my specialisation.

With a Master of Laws degree, Jamael currently practises as a Human Rights Law Consultant in the Philippines. He is also a certified privacy professional specialising in privacy and data protection law.  

He chose to study at the University of Auckland because, apart from its global reputation, it had the widest range of study options in the field of law. He spent some time looking up the different law schools in New Zealand and a few other countries and eventually discovered that the University of Auckland offered Human Rights Law as a specialisation.

During his time at university, Jamael says it was the people and the facilities that he enjoyed the most. Having mentors and classmates from all over the world gave him plenty of insight about their countries and their culture. He also balanced his studies with social activities, such as eating out with fellow Filipino students, going to the movies, doing road trips and watching All Blacks rugby games.

“To anyone considering studying at the University of Auckland, if you have the means or if you have an opportunity right in front of you, go for it! You will have access to high quality education along with the support services meant to make your stay not only more comfortable, but actually memorable,” Jamael says.