Ngā wāhi o te Wānanga nei | Places here at the University

Waipapa | Waters of the flats

Waipapa is the name of a tidal creek which flowed down Stanley Street to Mechanics Bay.

It is also the name of our marae and, in early Auckland, a significant trading centre. 

Waiariki | Chiefly waters

Waiariki is a natural spring still accessible in the Auckland Law School carpark. It is a registered Māori heritage site and a place where many visitors in early Auckland, and well before then, came to collect fresh water. 

Te Reuroa | The long outer palisading

This pā site extends out near the High Court overlooking Mechanics Bay and includes a large portion of the University precinct. 

Te Tōangaroa | The long pulling or dragging (of waka)

Also known as Mechanics Bay, this is part of the reclaimed land beneath Te Reuroa and waas host to many waka in early Auckland for trading activities. 

Te Ako o te Tūī | The teaching of the Tūī

Te Ako o te Tūī is the creek that runs from the Auckland Domain down to Stanley Street. It is also the name of one of our Early Childhood centres located in Grafton.