Yenching Academy Scholarships

The Yenching Academy Scholarships offers top scholars the opportunity to study the Master in China Studies programme at The Yenching Academy at Peking University. University of Auckland graduates and current students are eligible to apply for this all-expenses paid scholarship.

Master in China Studies programme

The Yenching Academy is an elite residential college of Peking University, offering an intensive master's program in China Studies of interdisciplinary courses that will allow students to understand Chinese history and culture, as well as contemporary issues in China’s development

This is a one-year prestigious, all-expenses paid programme for top scholars that offers six research areas:

  • Politics and international relations
  • Economics and management
  • Law and society
  • Philosophy and religion
  • Literature and culture
  • History and archaeology

Students are required to pass all course examinations and enrol in a minimum of 31 credits, comprised of required, elective and language courses. In order to obtain their degree, students must complete a master’s thesis and pass an oral defence before a faculty committee.

Courses will be available in both English and Chinese. International students can complete the programme with courses taught in English.

For more information about the Master in China Studies, visit the Yenching Academy website.


“Yenching Scholars will be a diverse group of talented young leaders who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, innovative thought, and a commitment to the betterment of society.”

University of Auckland graduates and current students are eligible to apply for a Yenching Academy Scholarship to study the Master in China Studies programme. Yenching Scholars receive a fellowship that covers tuition, fees, accommodation and living costs.

The University of Auckland is a partner university with the Yenching Academy, which means it will evaluate candidates first, and then send the nominations to the Yenching Academy.