Postgraduate study in Advanced Nursing

What can you study in Advanced Nursing?

Advanced Nursing will enhance your clinical nursing skills, practice knowledge and preparing nurses for clinical leadership roles and prescribing, and deepen your understanding of current and future contexts of nursing and health care.

Nursing Courses

  • NURSING701 Clinical Project – 30points
  • NURSING732 Leading and Managing Changes in Healthcare – 30 points
  • NURSING735 Clinical Education Practicum – 30 points
  • NURSING740 Prescribing in Advanced Nursing Practice – 30 points
  • NURSING741 Education for Clinical Practice – 30 points
  • NURSING742 Biological Science for Practice – 30 points
  • NURSING743  Advanced Nursing Practicum – 30 points
  • NURSING744 Specialty Nursing Practicum – 30 points
  • NURSING745 Principles of Medication Management – 30 points
  • NURSING746 Evidence-based Practice and Implementation – 30 points
  • NURSING770 Clinical Practice Development – 30 points
  • NURSING773 Advanced Assessment and Clinical Reasoning – 30 points
  • NURSING774 Nursing People in Acute Mental Health Crisis – 30 points
  • NURSING775 Leadership and Management for Quality Health Care – 30 points
  • NURSING776 Assessment and Clinical Decision Making in MHN – 30 points
  • NURSING782 Research Methods in Nursing and Health – 30 points
  • NURSING784 Advanced Emergency Nursing Practicum – 30 points
  • NURSING785 Clinical Reasoning in Pharmacotherapeutics – 45+45
  • NURSING790 A and B Research Portfolio – 45+45
  • NURSING795 A and B Dissertation – 30+30
  • NURSING796 A and B Thesis – 60+60
  • NURSING797 A and B Research Portfolio – 60+60
  • NURSING798 A and B Research Portfolio part-time – 30+30+30+30
  • NURSING799 A and B Thesis part-time – 30+30+30+30

Where can postgraduate study in Advanced Nursing take you?

Advanced Nursing qualifications provide registered nurses with more opportunities.

Many graduates continue to work within their health profession while others work in health-related fields, social services, or local or central government. Postgraduate study can bring many career benefits such as specialist skills and enhanced knowledge, entry into specific occupations, higher starting salary and progression rates, research capability or achievement and evidence of high academic attainment and self-discipline.

The Nursing Council of New Zealand has approved the Master of Nursing programme as preparation for nurse practitioner roles.