Doctoral study in Clinical Education

Why study with us?

A PhD in Clinical Education allows candidates to pursue original research at the highest level of scholarship, preparing graduates for a career in clinical education and academia. A PhD programme can be completed in traditional monograph form or with publication, in which case you may publish your research as your work progresses.

Research opportunities

The Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education contains potential supervisors with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, both in terms of topic areas and
methodological approaches, and we would be happy to guide you in your choice of area of study and research scope.

Our team have diverse research strengths in such areas as:

  • Simulation
  • Interprofessional learning
  • Professional identity
  • Patient safety
  • Wellbeing
  • Competency-based medical education

Our people

Pursue your topic with us and benefit from exceptional standards of support and supervision from internationally recognised researchers.

Professor Jennifer Weller

My research focuses on teamwork and patient safety, simulation-based education and workplace-based assessment with over 100 publications in these areas. My research has been underpinned by my practice as a specialist anaesthetist enabling me to translate many of the findings into effective initiatives in the clinical workplace.

Associate Professor Marcus Henning

I am actively engaged in research and my specific interests include: quality of life, the motivation to teach and learn, organisational behaviour, conflict management, and professional integrity. My background is in psychology, education and mathematics teaching.

Associate Professor Craig Webster

I have extensive experience in clinical and human factors research projects, including work on the cognitive ergonomic evaluation of medical equipment, teamwork functioning, patient safety, compliance with safety initiatives and the better understanding of the patient experience. I am also interested in the psychological, theoretical and practical aspects of the way people and technology interact in complex systems and organisations, and the effects such interaction has on safety.

Dr Tanisha Jowsey

I am willing to contribute to the supervision of postgraduate students in medical education, anthropology and public health, as well as in arts and humanities (such as those involving theatre, applied theatre, fine arts, street performance art, arts in medicine, social theory and art, storytelling and poetry).

Past research topics

  • Assessing mental models in Multidisciplinary Operating Room Teams: The Momento approach | Supervised by Professor Jennifer Weller
  • Cultivating a primary care medical workforce for New Zealand: lessons from a longitudinal tracking project | Supervised by Associate Professor Craig Webster
  • Does applying values add value? Evaluation of an educational innovation. | Supervised by Professor Jennifer Weller
  • Nurse concern as an alert to patient danger in the absence of an emergency activation score | Supervised by Associate Professor Craig Webster