Postgraduate study in Clinical Quality and Safety

What can you study in Clinical Quality and Safety?

Clinical Quality and Safety is one of the three specialisations you can take for the new Master of Health Leadership.

With this postgraduate study, you will learn about healthcare systems and gain a better understanding of their complexity. A better understanding of the factors that lead to clinical errors can reduce patient harm, increase healthcare quality and control costs.

You will learn methods for identifying causes of harm, approaches for redesigning aspects of healthcare systems, and analytical techniques for monitoring improvements in safety, teamwork and quality.

Hazard mitigation, quality monitoring, failure analysis and prevention, teamwork and communication, organisational culture and leadership in clinical change are just some of the areas you will study as part of Clinical Quality and Safety.

Where can postgraduate study in Clinical Quality and Safety take you?

Jobs related to Clinical Quality and Safety

  • Healthcare management
  • Clinical change management
  • Health care equipment and process redesign
  • Teamwork improvement
  • Safer healthcare technology development