Postgraduate study in Composition

What can you study in Composition at a postgraduate level?

At honours level, you will refine your compositional skills in instrumental or vocal composition, or sonic arts. Your understanding of the creative practice component of a musician’s life will be enriched by exploration of academic topics in a range of areas.

The Master of Music degree takes this approach to a higher level. Your research will culminate in the submission of a portfolio of creative practice work. You will be guided towards independent research and study capability by one or more supervisors.

Your practice-led research could investigate any of the following areas:

  • Advanced notational or sound-based technique
  • Contemporary vocal and instrumental techniques
  • Solo, voice, ensemble or orchestral works
  • Sonic art: Multi-channel acousmatic music, performance-based sonic art, visual music, interactive installations

Help and advice

For queries about how to apply, admission, and enrolment, please visit Student Hubs or contact us online.

For queries about academic matters (for example, structuring your courses based on your study interests), contact:

Programme Director: John Coulter