FinTech is a specialisation within the Master of Business Analytics incorporating communication, analytics, programming and business in the context of financial technologies.

Subject overview

Studying the FinTech Specialisation within the Master of Business Analytics helps you develop a range of skills that are required by business analysts working in the financial services sector in general, and FinTech start-ups in particular. These include communication and personal relations, practical business knowledge, knowledge of data and analytics, and knowledge of programming skills.

A strong relationship with the business analytics and data science community ensures the practical relevance of the Master of Business Analytics. Through the applied projects at the end of the program and guest lectures and real-life projects during other courses you will gain practical, real-world advice and experience in the domain of FinTech.

The University of Auckland Business School draws on international expertise for its teaching and maintains strong industry links to prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in business analytics and FinTech in New Zealand or abroad.

What can you study in FinTech?

Courses offered in the FinTech specialisation of the Master of Business Analytics include: Business Analytics for FinTech, Financial Intermediation and FinTech Analytics.

Business Analytics for FinTech (BUSINFO716)

Students will be able to:

  • Apply machine learning models to inform both investment and corporate finance decisions.
  • Discuss the role, benefits, and limitations of business analytics tools in real-world finance applications.
  • Appraise current financial decision-making practices and apply business analytics tools to improve financial projections.
  • Critically analyse and solve complex unstructured business finance problems through the application of the appropriate analytical methods.  

FinTech and Financial Intermediation (BUSINFO 717)

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the FinTech process, terminology, and the relation to financial intermediaries.
  • Synthesise learnings from FinTech research and critically evaluate FinTech practices.
  • Independently solve business problems by incorporation of FinTech in the financial services sector.
  • Recognise the benefits, limitations, key decision biases and ethical issues encountered in FinTech.

FinTech Analytics Industry Project (BUSINFO 718)
FinTech Analytics Project (BUSINFO 719)

In collaboration with the University's industry partners, students will engage in a finance industry project that will provide experience in responding to the challenges of working in a live business context with real data, and making a tangible business impact.

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The Master of Business Analytics is open to both domestic and international students. Please contact your Student Hubs if you are interested in enrolling in this specialisation.

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