Geology considers the physical forces that act on the Earth, the chemistry of its constituent materials, and the biology of its past inhabitants as revealed by fossils.


Subject overview

Geology covers a diverse range of subject matter including, but not limited to, volcanology, geothermal energy, paleo-climates and environments, economic geology, natural hazards, applied geophysics and the various rock and mineral forming processes.

You’ll gain an internationally accepted qualification, excellent research skills and the knowledge to work in many exciting fields. Being based in the impressive natural laboratory of Auckland, with an array of field equipment and analytical facilities to support our research activities, is a real advantage.  

Where can Geology take you?

Graduates can expect to find employment locally and internationally, working for environmental consultancies, geological and exploration companies, engineering firms, local or central government.

You could be doing geological surveys and mapping, geochemical and geophysical exploration, petroleum and gas assessment, coal field development, surveying, mineral processing and mining, assessing natural hazards, audits, land stability studies, oceanography and education.

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