Undergraduate study in Geology

What can you study in Geology?

You can study Geology as a specialisation in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) (BAdvSci(Hons)). From 2019 you can also study Geology as a pathway in the Earth Sciences major of a Bachelor of Science (BSc)

This specialisation will provide you with a strong foundation in the following topics:

  • Geomorphology
  • Earth history
  • Earth materials
  • Earth structure

We’ve created a compulsory course in field and laboratory geology skills, which will provide you with an opportunity for advanced practice and research preparation. In your fourth year, you’ll tackle an independent research project and dissertation under the guidance of an academic mentor.

Structuring your BAdvSci(Hons) specialisation in Geology, from 2019

Your BAdvSci(Hons) programme will consist of a number of courses worth 15 points each, totalling 480 points. For your Geology specialisation you must complete the following courses:   

45 points:

75 points:

30 points:

45 points from:

60 points from:

60 points:

Where can undergraduate study in Geology take you?

The scientific study of our Earth is more important now than ever. A large, increasing world population is demanding more energy, food and minerals from the planet. Urbanisation and population pressure are making huge demands for buildings, infrastructure and water.

Trained geologists find employment locally and internationally, working for environmental consultancies, geological and exploration companies, engineering companies, territorial local authorities or the central government.

Activities related to Geology jobs

  • Assessing natural hazards (volcanoes, earthquakes)
  • Coal field development
  • Engineering site investigations
  • Environmental impact audits
  • Geological surveys and mapping
  • Geochemical and geophysical exploration
  • Land stability studies
  • Mineral processing and mining
  • Oceanography
  • Petroleum and natural gas location and assessment
  • Rock and mineral resources survey

Further study options

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Science
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Engineering Geology
  • Doctor of Philosophy 

Scholarships and awards

Each year we award scholarships and prizes to thousands of students.

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Help and advice

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