Geography is the study of the natural processes and systems of the environment and the impact and consequences of human activity as it affects and is affected by the physical environment.

Subject overview

You’ll enjoy Geography if you are interested in the world around you, from the relevance of Earth surface processes, to seeking solutions to environmental problems and the relationship among personal and global geographies of uneven development, and economic and socio-cultural change.

Geography is an exciting and relevant subject that focuses on the development of practical skills in problem identification, research methodologies, ethics and analytical practices; alongside the exploration of social geographies of the city, and demographic and social changes in urban historical geographies.

You can study Geography as an undergraduate major or postgraduate specialisation in either the Faculty of Science or Faculty of Arts programmes.  

Where can Geography take you?

Skills learned in research and data collection, analysis, evaluation, planning and problem-solving, alongside knowledge of moral and ethical issues, means our graduates can be found in a wide-range of roles in research and development, commerce and industry, and education.

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