Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Experience new ways of thinking about business and enterprise that are relevant to understanding and addressing real world challenges and shaping the future.

Subject overview

You will learn about the key elements in ecosystems that are crucial in supporting start-up ventures and the scale-up of growth-oriented firms. You'll study alongside successful innovators and entrepreneurs, developing the skills to recognise, assess and realise opportunities. You'll also construct creative solutions to problems and take action when facing ambiguous and uncertain circumstances.

In your Bachelor of Commerce INNOVENT major, you will undertake an exciting real-world project that integrates theory and practice as you work with a client organisation in a real world context. The options include start-ups, corporate venturing, Māori enterprise, social enterprise, new product development and technological innovation. This project-based experience will give you invaluable hands-on experience, setting you up for the realities of the workplace. To complete the project brief, you will need to establish and maintain a professional relationship with your client organisation and display appropriate leadership and management skills.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship works well with majors in other business-related subjects including Marketing, Finance, international Business and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Where can Innovation and Entrepreneurship take you?

There are numerous opportunities for graduates to work for both innovative start-ups and established ventures in New Zealand and internationally, converting creative ideas into innovative execution and commercialisation.

Potential roles include:

  • Start-up founder
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Business adviser or consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Commercial/Project manager
  • Innovation leader
  • Product manager
  • Technology transfer specialist

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