Undergraduate study in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What can you study in Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

In your Bachelor of Commerce INNOVENT major you will gain the skills to:

  • Recognise and seize opportunities that can be shaped to advance your career and improve the wellbeing of the people and organisations
  • Capture value from innovation
  • Solve business problems creatively and communicate effectively
  • Understand how science and technology can be commercialised
  • Develop a financial plan for a new venture
  • Attract investors who bring ‘smart’ money to opportunities that can make a difference in Aotearoa-New Zealand
  • Recognise the importance of supporting ecosystems locally and internationally
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams as you turn an idea into an opportunity


Undergraduate courses you can take for the INNOVENT major include:

Stage I

In your first year of your Bachelor of Commerce INNOVENT major, as part of your common core of Stage I courses, you will complete the sequential Business 111 and 112 courses.

INNOVATE 100G: Innovation Through Design

Introduces design thinking and develops a user-centred approach to innovation, emphasising the importance of a deep understanding of user needs throughout an iterative ideation and prototyping process. Utilising the maker space at the Unleash Space and a range of digital tools, students will develop practical making and early stage prototyping skills.

Stage II

INNOVENT 203: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this course you will develop the skills to recognise and assess opportunities, solve problems creatively, communicate effectively, and make things happen. The course combines online modules, guest speaker events and working in a team to identify and put together a solution to a challenge (examples: climate change and applying artificial intelligence to education).       

INNOVENT 204: Understanding Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Learn to apply processes for creating, evaluating and realising
entrepreneurial opportunities. Working independently and in teams, you will be encouraged to shape an opportunity based on a scientific discovery or a new technology, and effectively communicate its potential for commercialisation.

Stage III     

INNOVENT 307: Ecosystems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This course provides a broad understanding of the key elements in the ecosystems that support innovation and entrepreneurship. Through first-hand interaction with people in our local ecosystem, along with insights from global ecosystems, you'll learn the challenges and benefits of participating in these ecosystems.       

INNOVENT 308: Advanced Entrepreneurship

Extends entrepreneurial knowledge and applies advanced skills in the context of a student defined project focused on an innovative opportunity with international potential. Develops an integrated understanding of the complex interactions within a successful interdisciplinary team and the requirements for engaging with experts relevant to the opportunity.

INNOVENT 309 : Responsible Innovation

Methods, tools and techniques for responsible innovation and new product development. Frameworks for managing the creative front end of innovation, and anticipating social and ethical issues associated with green and clean technology, circular economy, and frugal innovation trends.

INNOVENT 310 : Women in Entrepreneurship

Explores opportunities and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in today’s global economy. Examines issues related to gender bias, entrepreneurial finance, and growing the entrepreneurial venture. Develops skills for starting and growing an entrepreneurial venture through collaborative, real world opportunity-based assessments.

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