Global Health

Global Health focuses on health systems, governance arrangements and the social dynamics of health and healthcare from a global systems perspective

Subject overview

At a global level, the big challenge is to manage resources in order to respond to both current and emerging needs. Leadership in this arena takes a special combination of healthcare knowledge integrated with management skills.

Global Health examines the work of governments, NGOs, philanthropic organisations and healthcare providers that ensure health resources are shared equitably and applied to the greatest benefit.

If you want to make a difference with a global reach, you can learn about how international health systems work, including governance arrangements, social dynamics of health and key global health and development frameworks with new sustainable development goals.

Topics covered in Global Health include:

  • The global burden of disease
  • Health and human rights
  • Global health ethics
  • International health systems
  • Governance and financing
  • The role of NGOs, IGOs and philanthropic organisations
  • Global health challenges for our Asia Pacific region
  • Technology and policy solutions and strategies for health and development 

The School of Population Health hosts a wide range of research activities involving many collaborators from around the world, with courses run by experienced researchers.

Watch the video on the International Health specialisation offered in the Master of Health Leadership.

Where can Global Health take you?

There are many interesting and exciting roles where you can put your International Health qualification to work.

Specialisation in Global Health can lead to work with governments and regional intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, civil society agencies, philanthropic organisations and development agencies.

Explore your study options in Global Health