Leadership and Governance

Leadership and governance focuses on the theory, practice and mindset needed to be effective in leadership and governance roles across corporate, public sector, community and indigenous enterprises.

Subject overview

Our Leadership and governance programme will equip students with a platform of knowledge and skills to enable them to enter leadership and governance pipelines.  

Students will gain specialist understanding of theory and practice related to leadership and governance that they can apply across a range of sectors and specialised contexts. More specifically, students will develop:

  • A high degree of self-awareness of their own strengths and areas of development.
  • Srong interpersonal and group dynamic skills.
  • Reflective, creative, analytic and collaborative practice.
  • A deep understanding of their own motivations, interests, aspirations and values.
  • An understanding of their broader relational, organisational and societal responsibilities and accountabilities.
The programme adheres to the protection and appreciation of the uniqueness of New Zealand’s heritage by including topics related to Te Ao Māori perspectives on both leadership and governance. It is committed to the values of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the principles of the Treaty and it aims to nurture in its students an appreciation of New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage, an understanding of the present-day and historical significance of the Treaty, and grow the knowledge, expertise and confidence of students to exercise leadership and governance in a post-settlement era through a commitment to partnership, collaboration and equity.

What can you study in Leadership and Governance?

The Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Governance (PGCertLdGov) is designed for working professionals seeking to advance their expertise and standing in work, volunteer and discretionary leadership and governance activity through part-time study.

Courses will be taught using an interactive and experientially based pedagogy. Delivery will be blended and include face-to-face workshop that provide opportunities for students to apply theoretical content and applied research to specific cases, problems and simulations, and develop professional and transferable skills. A range of pedagogical methods will be employed to ensure a high level of student engagement and opportunities for the participants to develop disciplinary knowledge, think critically, develop skills to work effectively in teams, and demonstrate solution-seeking behaviours. The interactive delivery will be led by lecturers and practitioners with current or recent business and industry experience. Courses will be delivered on a quarterly basis through alternate online and on-campus weeks so as to maximise flexibility, access and a multi-modal experience.

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