Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering involves the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of systems that shape our modern society.

Subject overview

The fundamental principles of energy, materials, and mechanics are vital to the field of Mechanical Engineering. Science and technology are applied to ensure that complex structures and systems such as yachts, robots, sawmills, space vehicles, airplanes and heating systems remain sustainable and in motion.

Design Thinking is an especially distinctive focus within the field of Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis on solving practical, real-world problems. This puts many graduates in the right position to contribute to future technological innovations.

Our department is affiliated with many of the University’s well-known research areas, groups, labs and experts, such as the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials, the Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme, the Laboratory for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Systems.

Mechanical engineers play a pivotal role in the drive for greater efficiency. They have a strong capacity to build and implement innovative products and processes. This makes them employable in diverse environments, from large-scale commercial firms to niche markets and consultative roles.

Where can Mechanical Engineering take you?

The key characteristics of the mechanical engineering profession are its breadth, flexibility and individuality. This means that your career path will be largely influenced by personal interests, and ideas about where you see yourself in a world that’s increasingly driven by technology. Many graduates have found work in the medical field, manufacturing plants, sales, engineering management, and other contexts. Our curriculum provides the foundation for work in many sectors, and in new technologies that may create industries that are yet to exist – we educate our graduates not only to adapt, but also to define and direct change.

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