Undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering

What can you study in Mechanical Engineering?

A Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering introduces you to the field’s fundamentals: engineering sciences, design teaching and aspects of professional engineering. We also feature a strong emphasis on design and project work, so you can apply your theoretical knowledge to developing new products within team environments. Core topics include:

  • Dynamics and control: from precision positioning of surgical robots to moving autonomous vehicles, this field involves the use of mathematics to model, analyse, predict, control and optimise the behavior of dynamic systems. This is crucial to the next generation of faster, quieter and safer technology.
  • Engineering design: addressing real-world problems with modern tools and knowledge, for example, applying computer-aided design and finite element analysis to open-ended projects.
  • Manufacturing systems: applied science, technology, systems thinking and supply chain excellence blend together to address questions around product innovation, 3D printing, robotics, systems design, smart factories, and the industrial internet.
  • Mechanics of materials: failure mechanisms, cost effective structures, new materials and the next generation of engineering applications.
  • Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics: playing the strong and often hidden roles behind modern technology, these fundamentals govern phenomena such as cooling high performance machinery and the efficiency of aircraft.

All our BE(Hons) specialisations are accredited by Engineering NZ, so your qualification will be recognised in many countries.


All students take a similar set of courses throughout their first year of a BE(Hons). Find out more about the compulsory degree components.

You can get in-depth information about our undergraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering with the Faculty of Engineering Course Viewer.

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