Undergraduate study in Physical Education

Sports students playing basketball

What can you study in Physical Education?

This degree is your opportunity to become a leader in the exciting worlds of sport, health and physical education. The programme is flexible in design, so you can choose from a range of courses across different disciplines to create your own unique pathway that complements your interests and career aspirations. Pathways to explore include Sport Leadership and Coaching, Health Education and Promotion, Health and Physical Education, Sport Science, and Dance.

Structuring your degree in Physical Education

The Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education allows you to tailor your courses to fit your interests.

In total you need 360 points (or 24 courses worth 15 points each) to pass the degree. Seven of those courses need to be at Stage II or higher, and at least five at Stage III.

Here’s what you need to study:

You can choose your elective courses to follow one of five pathways outlined below. Or if you’d prefer not to specialise, you can chose a mixture of courses from any of the pathways or the general elective courses.

Specialised pathways


School Health and Physical Education

PHYSED 101 Games and Sport Education

PHYSED 102 Alternative Sport and Play

PHYSED 103 Outdoor Education 1

PHYSED 104 Aquatics and Water Safety

PHYSED 203 Outdoor Education 2

SPORTHPE 301 School Health and Physical Education

SPORTHPE 303 Health, Fitness and Culture


Sport Coaching and Leadership 

SPORT101 Making a Difference in Sport

SPORT203 Sport, Media and Marketing

SPORT 204 Coaching Sport

SPORT 302 Sport Leadership

SPORT 304 Sport Psychology and Coaching

SPORTHPE 303 Health, Fitness and Culture


Sport Science

EXERSCI 101 Foundations of Exercise Science and Sport

EXERSCI 103 Human Anatomy

EXERSCI 105 Exercise Prescription

EXERSCI 201 Exercise Physiology

EXERSCI 202 Principles of Tissue Adaptation

EXERSCI 203 Biomechanics 1

EXERSCI 206 Exercise Nutrition

EXERSCI 301 Exercise Physiology 2

EXERSCI 303 Biomechanics 2

SPORTHPE 303 Health, Fitness and Culture

SPORT 304 Sport Psychology and Coaching



DANCE 101 Introduction to Dance and Creative Processes

DANCE 131 Dance Education

DANCE 210 Contemporary Dance and Choreography 2  

DANCE 231 Community Dance  

DANCE 310  Contemporary Dance and Choreography 3

DANCE 331 Dance Education Research

SPORTHPE 303 Health, Fitness and Culture


Health Education and Health Promotion

HEALTHED 101 Food and Education

HEALTHED 201 Child and Youth Health Education

HEALTHED 202 Sexuality, Education and Society

HEALTHED 302 Leading Health Promotion in Schools

SPORTHPE 303 Health, Fitness and Culture

POPHLTH111 Population Health

POPHLTH 203 Health Promotion, Philosophy and Practice

POPHLTH206 Life Cycle Nutrition

POPHLTH306 Health Promotion 2

DISABLTY 316 Supporting Active Participation

Scholarships and awards

We offer a range of scholarships every year. Find out more about undergraduate scholarships.

Help and advice

The Student Hubs services are available seven days a week at the City, Grafton, Epsom and Tai Tonga campuses and six days a week at Tai Tokerau, with friendly staff available to provide you with advice on any aspect of your studies and life at the University. Find out more.