Property is a wide-ranging programme, incorporating communication, data and information analysis, marketing and research – all in the context of the property industry.

Subject overview

Studying Property helps you develop a range of skills with wide applicability, including communication and personal relations, conceptualisation of theoretical and practical knowledge, data and information analysis, marketing, numeracy and research.

A strong relationship with the property profession ensures the ongoing relevance of the Bachelor of Property degree. Through features of the Industry Liaison Programme (such as the Board of Advisers, buddy programmes, industry dinners, careers evenings and professional liaison) you will gain practical, real-world advice and experience.

The Department of Property draws on international expertise for its teaching and maintains strong industry links to prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in any branch of the property profession in New Zealand or abroad.

Where can Property take you?

Career opportunities include managing property portfolios for local and international corporations, managing commercial and industrial property, property development, property marketing and becoming a registered valuer.

Career options in Property

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