Quantitative Economics

The Quantitative Economics Specialisation produces graduates who can think critically, and who can understand, explain and apply the core principles and quantitative methods of economics to resource allocation problems, the functioning of economic institutions, and the decisions of policy makers and other economic agents within a society.

Subject overview

Economics is the social science that studies the behaviour and interactions of economic agents. In particular, economics examines the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Economics graduates who have a strong analytical and mathematical background are in demand both internationally and nationally.

The Quantitative Economics specialisation will equip graduates with both research informed economic knowledge and the analytical skills required to implement this knowledge in practical real-world situations.

Where can Quantitative Economics take you?

Graduates can expect to find employment in a broad range of sectors, including government and policy-making, consulting, and business.

This specialisation can also provide a pathway to postgraduate study in Economics.

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