Māori and Pacific

As a Māori or Pacific student studying Global Studies at the University of Auckland, you can access a range of support services and communities.

Support for Māori students

Learn about the support services available and communities you can join as a Māori student at the University of Auckland.

Explore Maori life on campus.

Support for Pacific students

As a Pacific student at the University of Auckland, there are many support services to help you during your study journey.

Learn more about Pacific life on campus.

Tuākana Arts

Tuākana Arts is a community that provides mentoring for undergraduate Māori and Pacific students studying in the Faculty of Arts, including Global Studies.

Join the Tuākana Arts community.

Village Arts Association

Village Arts Association (VAA) is a student-led academic and social club which fosters excellence amongst Pacific students studying Arts or Global Studies.

Check out the VAA.