Tuākana Arts

Tuākana Arts is a community that provides mentoring for undergraduate Māori and Pacific students in the Faculty of Arts.

Who are we?

Tuākana Mentors are high-achieving Māori and Pacific Arts students, dedicated to offering academic support to fellow Māori and Pacific Arts throughout their undergraduate experience.

Tuākana Arts aims to ensure excellence in Māori and Pacific cultural practice at the University so that our teaching is more culturally responsive and constructive for our students. Connecting through Workshops and TUIA (Drop-in) Hours, Tuākana Mentors utilise the best practices in Māori and Pacific teaching to help their teina reach their potential and building lasting relationships within the Faculty of Arts’ Māori and Pacific community.

What do we provide?

We offer wānanga, workshops, mentoring, and many other services for our teina. We connect Māori and Pacific students with academic teaching staff, clubs, associations and community groups, pastoral care services and key people across the University.

Become a Tuākana Mentor

If you are interested in helping your fellow Māori and Pacific students through their journey at University by becoming a Tuākana Mentor, submit an expression of interest to get involved.

Note: Students are welcome to submit an Expression of Interest throughout the semester. Any submissions received less than 3 weeks before the semester starts will be put on file and considered for the following semester.